Gender: Male
Color: Brown or Green
Eye Color: Black
  • Student at Bikini Bottom Elementary

William "Billy" is a cameo character seen in many episodes. He is a little kid who is seen playing with Timmy and other kids. His name is revealed in the episode Squirrel Jokes. He likes to accompany his mom when she goes to the Barg'n Mart. He is not to be cofused with, Billy (Teenager).

He went to the Sun N Fun camp with Timmy, SpongeBob and Patrick in the episode The Inmates of Summer.


Billy has 3 different appearances.

The first variation of Billy has brown skin. He wears a red shirt and a blue and yellow-striped beanie with a blue propeller on the top. This is the most common variation of Billy.

The second one has a yellow and green-striped shirt. He has green skin. This variation is only seen in the episode Pickles and Walking Small, although it is also seen in other episodes with a non-speaking role.

The third one was in the episode Professor Squidward, he was a teen (or adult) and his name was revealed when he wrote it on the chalkboard.

However, all of these Billys may be different people.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Billy has many friends and enemies. The reasons why are in this list.




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