Gender: Male
Species: Copepod
Color: Yellowish Green
Profession: Being an Illiterate
Favourite Drink: Root Beer

Clem Plankton is one of Plankton's thousands of family members and was one of the last plankton to leave after the failed attack on the Krusty Krab in the episode Plankton's Army. We learn in this episode from him that:

  • He Loves Root Beer
  • Plankton's first name is Sheldon
  • He is illiterate (Cannot read or write)
  • He is the leader of Plankton's other cousins
  • He's really unintelligent
  • He's filthy

Looks and FamilyEdit

Clem has many family members, which are all Plankton's Other Cousins and Plankton. In terms of looks, he is much lighter in color than Plankton, has big teeth and has a cheap cloth type hat over his head.

Quotes (all from Plankton's Army)Edit

  • "Aw, she sure is purty, Sheldon."
  • "Well, I can't read!"
  • "Of course you remember Zeke, Rufus, Billy Bob, Billy Jim, Billybillybobillybananafanafofilly...

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