A list of cut/modified scenes from SpongeBob SquarePants,because if there is cut sense, it will became adult-themed, so they removed adult themed sence.

  • Help Wanted: The original plan for this episode was that SpongeBob would be so excited that he could not take his hat off. This was dropped from the story. The Scene Which SpongeBob Feeds the Angry Anchovies And The Tiny Tim Song was Cut in Italy for Unknown Reasons Also There was a Original Opening But On The July 24TH 1999 Airing It was Replaced by the Famous Theme Song The Airing we have Now
  • Tea at the Treedome: According to the chapter book, there was a scene where SpongeBob and Patrick would go into Squidward's yard to collect flowers for Sandy, which resulted in Squidward yelling at them. Although this scene was planned to be in the episode, it was never even made and did not air on televison, not even once. There was a Original Tittle Card

  • Can You Spare a Dime?: The original airing had SpongeBob choking Mr. Krabs until his eyes turned red. This was cut due to gore.
  • Just One Bite: In the original airing when Squidward went to the Krusty Krab to steal a krabby patty, he got burned by gasoline. This was cut from later airings due to 911 references, since it aired so shortly after 911. The deleted scene can be viewed on YouTube. The uncut episode is still on YTV.
  • Procrastination: There was both a stunt and sexual scene in this episode. The part where Patrick was rubbing sunscreen on Sandy was cut from later airings because it looked like Patrick was trying to take off Sandy's bikini. There was also another scene of a dangerous car stunt. Both of these scenes can be found on all DVDs and in Ireland and UK airings.
  • Gary Takes a Bath: In some countries this episode is banned due to the subliminal message girl.
  • Sandys Rocket In the Book There was 3 Deleted Scenes One Was Sandy Taking SpongeBob And Patrick back to Earth It Was Cut because it Didn't Make Sense Some other Scenes Involve SpongeBob And Patrick Capturing Plankton And SpongeBob And Patrick Capturing Pearl The 2 Scenes was Made but didn't air for Unknown Reasons Possibly Time Constraints
  • The Sponge Who Could Fly: The scene where SpongeBob was covered in black paint was deleted due to racism references. Also There was a Scene in the Book Which a Pressman Takes a Picture of Spongebob
  • Hooky: There was a scene where dead fish was being shown with their shoes being strung up. This scene was cut in later airings.
  • The Secret Box: In several repeated airings and in the original a picture of SpongeBob with a lamp over his head or in his underwear was shown while Patrick was revealing the picture. This was cut for unknown reasons.
  • Fools in April: There was a deleted scene where Squidward spoke to Sandy before coming across Patrick.
  • Prehibernation Week: Originally, SpongeBob would be annoyed by Sandy starting hibernation.
  • Boating School: Originally the episode would end happily with SpongeBob earning his license. This was changed most likely to make the episode more funny.
  • Chocolate with Nuts: The part where Patrick said "I wish my nuts were chocolate!" were cut as some people thought Patrick was referring to his testicles when he said "nuts".
  • Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy V: In the original airing a plane was shown exploding. This was removed most likely because of 911.
  • Shanghaied: When Squidward exits The Fly Of Despair, they used to show skeletons, but they changed it to spaghetti and meatballs because the skeletons really scared younger viewers.

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