Gender: Male
Species: Fish
Color: Orange
Eye Color: Black
Voiced By Tom Kenny

Frank is a cameo character seen in many episodes. He usually wears a blue shirt and is a orange skinned fish. In the episode Pre-Hibernation Week, he is presumably married. Frank is seen in quite a few episodes as a backup character or a person in the crowd who talks or is in an angry mob (seen in a few episodes). His name was revealed in Dying for Pie. He first appeared in Ripped Pants. He is friends with SpongeBob and Squidward, as seen in Dying for Pie when Squidward says "Hey, Frank." and apparently they know his name. But in one episode, Nat Peterson is seen playing Football with him and says, "Nice catch Percy!" in the episode, I Had an Accident. Frank also appeared in Party Pooper Pants at SpongeBob's house party. He also seems to be picky since he went three days without food he likes. He possibly has some identical siblings since he is sometimes seen with people who look like him.


Frank simply acts like a regular fish. He acts very nice and enjoys being at the park.


He is a friend of Nat Peterson, and like him, he has a few jobs:


  • Frank is seen in the angry mob in Bubble Buddy.
  • In "Pre-Hibernation Week," his running gag is that every time he, his wife (or a friend of his) and Sandy are on the screen, he is seen riding a tricycle with a lollipop in his right hand. When somebody takes notice of this, he says, "I can explain."
  • in Selling Out he is heard with a female voice.
  • An alternative name for him is Percy as called in I Had an Accident.
  • Frank is seen talking in Krusty Towers, Once Bitten, Selling Out and Patty Hype.
  • In Patty Hype, he has a male voice, then female, then male again!
  • Most of the time, if you look in a crowd you can see Frank.
  • He was the first to be freed in the movie.
  • In less than 30 frames, he was seen in The Endless Summer.
  • He was called Dave and his daughter was Tina at Valentine's Day.
  • He shall never play a big role.

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