The Grandma

Grandma is an elderly lady who takes care of snails, fattens them up, and, eventually their shells crack and then she will eat them (this was a reference to Hansel and Gretel). This can be evidenced by the fact one of her closets has empty snail shells. She adopted Gary after he ran away from SpongeBob, because one of her snails Ms. Tuffsy, her past snail "ran away." She appeared in the episodes: Have You Seen This Snail?, Boating Buddies, Choir Boys, and in Shuffleboarding. She was voiced by Amy Poehler.


She is grayish green, wears glasses and has a grandma-styled hair. She wears a purple polka-dotted dress with matching black shoes. She is a little overweight, and very tall.


She is greedy when she takes all the scented Pinecones without sharing any with Patrick (Patrick loves scented pinecones). She is evil when she eats all the snails and overfeeds Gary.


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