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Jellyfish are one of Bikini Bottom's animals and they in the phylum Cnidaria. They live in Jellyfish Fields and are the undersea equivalent of Bees. There are many species of Jellyfish as seen in the episode: The Pink Purloiner. They first appeared in the episode Tea at the Treedome. Their tentacles can electrocute a person.

Some jellyfish like throwing wild parties, as evidenced in the episode: Jellyfish Jam. SpongeBob loves to catch jellyfish but mostly he just gets stung (both painfully and comedically). SpongeBob kept a Jellyfish that he named Jelly but then he lets it go.


Jellyfish Jelly is edible, and it can be used for a PB & J sandwich substitute in Bikini Bottom (The peanut butter is replaced with Sea-Nut Butter). The jelly's color is the color of the jellyfish. No name (renamed "Friend") has blue jelly squirted on a Krabby Patty because he is a blue jellyfish. Also, jellyfish produce different flavors of jelly, depending on the color. In the episode: Jellyfish Jam, it is revealed that all Jellyfishes are potty-trained while reading a newspaper.


There are many different colors of Jellyfish. Here is the current list: Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, Brown, Albino(Albino means "white or clear"), Red, Blue and Black jellyfish. The first jellyfish is considered albino. Although there are many different colors, the main color is pink.

Unique SpeciesEdit

There are also many unique species of jellyfish that can only be seen certain times.

Image Name Location/Time Summary Looks
60px Cnidaria Rex (Jellyfish King) Certain times Very powerful stingers and likes any kind of pie. Purple, Has a crown and a cape and on rare occasions, a football costume.
Quallenkoenigin Jellyfish Queen Certain times A large female version of a regular jellyfish. Like other jellyfish but with a crown. Blue/Green/Light Green Crested Blaster Jellyfish Migration Festival A very rare jellyfish. Has a crest and various colors Speckled Squirter Jellyfish Migration Festival A very rare jellyfish which has extra squirters to squirt jelly. Pink, smaller and has hidden stingers in it's back. Gold Throated Singer Jellyfish Migration Festival A very rare jellyfish which sings. Golden, has a large opening and middle stinger has arrow.
2FistedJumper Two Fisted Jumper Jellyfish Migration Festival A very rare jellyfish which has two fists and can jump high. Orange and has two stingers in the shape of a fist Big Lenny Numerous times A very dangerous jellyfish which has killed many people. Dark red, has creepy openings resembling eyes and a mouth.
Namenloser Friend Rare periods of time A very fast and hard to catch jellyfish. Blue. Dragon Jellyfish Medieval period A huge and dreadful jellyfish with a long fin on its bell and a tail. A crest and a tail stinger

Jellyfishing as a SportEdit

Jellyfishing is a fairly popular sport around Bikini Bottom, invented unwittingly by Squidward. There are different conventions and dates where Special events happen around Bikini Bottom.


No Name

There are a few jellyfishers around the city like:

Attractions, and migrationsEdit


The SpongeBob Stones

The SpongeBob Stones attract the jellyfish to their wondrous tune, and 3,000 Years post building, they know this, but nobody knows who built them and why. The Annual Jellyfish Migration is a popular season for jellyfishers where every species of jellyfish come to the Bikini Bottom famous home of jellyfish, Jellyfish Fields.