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Nancy Suzy Fish (born April 2, 1988, age 24) is a cameo used character in the SpongeBob SquarePants TV Series. She is married to Tom. Nancy sometimes visits the Krusty Krab to eat. She is also seen at some of Pearl's birthday parties. In Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III it was revealed that she had a job at the First Nautical Bank. In Squirrel Jokes it shows Patrick sitting at a table with Nancy.Whenever she's around, people seem to always be angry. She also thinks that SpongeBob is a 'talking cheese' as seen in Band Geeks. Nancy wears a yellow top and her color is a gray-blue. In Shell of a Man her hair was yellow and she was at the Navy reunion. She was seen in Ghost Host when the Flying Dutchman was wanting to date her, but she pointed out that he was wearing a wedding ring. She even appeared in the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, but her hair was darker and instead of being a gray-blue color she was a purple color. In The Bully she has reported SpongeBob, at least once.She told SpongeBob stick his pencils inside of an undeterminated part of him (Most likely his rear end).



  • In some episodes she is known as Nancy, Susie, or Susie Fish as her name.
  • In The Sponge Who Could Fly her shirt was red.
  • There's a younger, teenaged sister of hers named Julie Fish who Nancy Suzy Fish looks identical to.
  • She is not the same as Officer Nancy.

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