Octavius rex2

Octavious Rex - Not Pretty

Octavius Rex (a.k.a Long, Tan, and Handsome) is Pearl's Anchovy boyfriend who stood her up in The Chaperone. His nickname is Long, Tan, and Handsome, but when you finally see him he looks like a nerd.


Octavious Rex is bald, wears a tie and a green jumper. He also wears a white undershirt and ugly looking glasses. He has black shoes and dark brown pants. He is quite short.


  • It is most likely that he goes to Pearl's school.
  • He is only seen in the episode: The Chaperone.
  • He is very overrated because he is nicknamed "Long, Tan, and Handsome!"
  • He was called pizza topping by Pearl
  • Lots of people are bald, but only Octavius Rex and Reg from "No Weenies Allowed" have hairs on the top of his head

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