These people are the guys and girls who are ranked as higher people on this site; this list includes the bosses and people in charge of the site. Please ask any of them questions if you are stuck.

The TeamEdit



  • CFP (talk) active (since 11 January 2009)
  • DJ WikiBob (talk) inactive (since 14 February 2010, last edit 22 May 2011)
  • JapanLover97 (talk) active (since 7 August 2010)
  • Luki (talk) inactive (since 29 July 2010, last edit 31 January 2011)
  • TTS (talk) inactive (since 8 August 2010, last edit 5 December 2011)
  • Turkeyrules (talk) inactive (since 20 May 2010, last edit 3 February 2012)

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